The Five Paths takes you on a journey over five days to extraordinary places on the island of Lanzarote created by artist, architect and eco-warrior César Manrique from subterranean lava bubbles to cliff tops with spectacular views over the island of La Graciosa. Each place or path has its own specially created meditation to guide you towards the highest expression of your most authentic vision for your life.


On five different days in each space we complete one of the Five Paths:

Path / Theme / Location
Via Positiva / thankfulness – seeing with new eyes / Timanfaya ‘fire mountain’
Via Negativa / letting go – finding freedom beyond fear – El Cuervo volcano
Via Creativa / being open – discovering your fullest expression in the world / Mirador del Rio
Via Transformativa / being fruitful – re-connecting with your Source
/ Jameos del Agua
Via Integrativa / coming home to yourself – feeling beloved / La Fundacion (César Manrique’s house)

The Five Paths experience re-connects you with your deepest truth, stimulates your senses, activates your imagination, clarifies your vision and fires your enthusiasm for the journey. It is a jacuzzi for the mind, body and soul.


Each day begins before breakfast with a short walking meditation in Giuliana’s garden in the retreat centre in Femes which sets the focus for the day. After a delicious organic breakfast we meet together in the morning room for a briefing on the day’s activities. Then we all head off together to one of César Manrique’s creations and complete one of the Five Paths. Lunch is in the best tapas bars on the island. In the afternoon we rest, walk or play. In the evenings we eat out together. One day is a rest day – usually Monday when I lead a guided walk for local friends which, of course, you are welcome to join if you choose.

On the last day in the evening we share our experiences which usually ends up as a sort of party.