Via Negativa

Theme / Location
Letting go – El Cuervo volcano

All mystic traditions teach us that in order to find yourself you must first lose yourself. This is not very attractive offer to the modern mind addicted to having it all rather than losing it all but it is an essential learning if you want to go beyond the illusion that more will make you happy.

This meditation takes us to a place where you feel safe to let go of all identity, of all knowledge, of all attachments and enter into the freedom beyond the familiar.

The place is El Cuervo volcano which allows remarkable access into the heart of a volcano where we use a guided walking meditation to complete the letting go.

Afterwards in stark contrast we visit the lively Haria craft market in The Valley of 10,000 Palms for tapas and, if we’re lucky, live music in the square.

El Cuervo