The word ‘guru’ is a combination of  two Sanskrit words gu (darkness) and ru (light), so together they mean ‘light that dispels all darkness.’ “Guru is the light that disperses the darkness of ignorance.”

A guru is one who points you to the truth of who you really are. In the world of modern Western style non-duality teaching there are many gurus of all shapes, styles and nationalities. If you go to Tiruvanamalai, the home of Ramana Maharshi’s ashram and the epicentre of advaita, in December and January all the gurus are in town and you can take your pick. One of my favourites is Carlos Teruel the laughing guru from Venezuela. It’s also where I met Mooji for the first time.

I have met a few and share my observations on their teaching and style here.

Jeff Foster – Life after Jeff

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