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Kierkegaard  // Posts tagged as "Kierkegaard"

31 Aug Posted by in Via Positiva | Comments

the Promised Land

“Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have already given to you, as I promised to Moses..” Joshua ch1 v 3 Meditation: “Saying the mantra is like playing verbal hopscotch from now to now.” Via Positiva One of the things our parents teach us if we are well socialised is to […]


12 May Posted by in Via Negativa | Comments

an idea to live and die for

“The thing is to find a truth which is a truth for me, to find the idea for which I am willing to live and die.” Kierkegaard Meditation: “Saying the mantra is like entering the void – each syllable a hachure stroke towards perfect darkness.” Via Negativa In the credits at the end of the […]


04 Oct Posted by in Via Negativa | Comments

neti neti

“Once you label me you negate me.” Søren Kierkegaard Meditation: “The more you abandon all images, all words, all imaginings and the more you allow the silence to overwhelm you … the more powerful you become.” Via Negativa My favourite guru in the annual spiritual supermarket sweeps in Tiruvanamalai in Tamil Nadu every December and January […]