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the sound of silence

29 Aug Posted by in Via Creativa | 1 comment

“There is nothing so close to God as silence.”
Meister Eckhart


“If ‘Om’ is the sound of cosmic background radiation
‘ma-ra-na-tha’ is the sound of the heartpulse of god’s love
in the cosmos.”

Via Creativa

Studies in neuroscience reveal a surprising relationship between thought and action. You might reasonably presume that thought is prior to action. “Just one more sip” precedes picking up the wine glass.

Not so.

MRI  scans of brain activity reveal a sleight of hand – the arm moves to pick up the glass before the thought flickers in the brain as detected by the scanner. Intriguing. So who’s pulling the strings? What precedes thought? No thought? Maybe the same no-thought that animates our Being in deep sleep or meditation. There is no Do-er ultimately … only a Be-er. All our doings, thinkings, actions and creations spring out of pre-thought silence which, according to Meister Eckhart, is next to godliness. Shhh … can you hear the sound of silence?

“Sit quietly and do not move your mind or intellect. Then observe the observer. This is your true nature, from where everything else comes. It is your own nature, don’t forget.

If you make any effort or use any method of trying to achieve something at some distant future, this will bring you into time. And time is mind. So this will be the play of mind only. But your original nature is empty.

If you follow any thought that arises in the mind, you will find it arises from emptiness, from its source. And when you are aware, when you see “I am that source itself,” then there is no need to practice anything. No need to go anywhere. And you will see that you have always been that. This is called freedom, and you are not to achieve or attain it in some distant future. It is already there.”

H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji)

  1. Phil Shankland09-29-12

    “studies show that we unconsciously come to decisions as much as six seconds before we’re consciously aware we’ve made them.” Ben Thomas, How Your Body Controls Your Mind:

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